Legal Notice

Personal Identification Information 

Katyusha Miami LLC collects personal identification information when users visit our website, register for a user account, complete an order, and when completing forms and/or surveys. Actions associated with any features, services, and/or resources that are available on our website also lead to data collection. Common details we request from consumers include but are not limited to their full name, mailing or shipping address, email address, social security number, and contact information. Credit card information is requested when users make a purchase or subscribe for ongoing services we offer. Our customers or visitors are under no obligation to provide any personal information while visiting our website and are within their rights to refuse at any time. 

Non-Personal Identification Information 

Katyusha Miami LLC collects non-personal identification information each time that visitors or customers visit our website. The information collected could include but is not limited to their computer model or type, their selected browser, their operating system, and the internet service provider supplying their connection to the website.

Web Browser Cookies

Our company website utilizes tracking cookies to improve the user’s experience when visiting our site. The tracking cookies store information on the consumer’s computer hard drive to help them identify items the visitor has viewed while visiting the website. All consumers are within their rights to turn off tracking cookies via their browser to prevent tracking and any unwanted alerts. Certain portions of the website require the tracking cookies to function properly which could prevent consumers who refuse the use of cookies to visit affected pages on the website. 

How We Use Information We Collect: 

Katyusha Miami LLC collects personal identification information for the following reasons and/or purposes: 

Enhancing the Customer Service Experience

All details are used to reduce response time for customer service demands and offer adequate support as needed. 

The Personalization of the User’s Experience

Katyusha Miami LLC collects information to determine how consumers utilize our website and create a more personalized experience for each consumer. 

To Identify Areas that Need Improvement

Katyusha Miami LLC strives to provide a superior e-commerce experience for all consumers, and we offer the chance for you to provide feedback about your visit. 

Completing Transactions Fast and Effectively

Katyusha Miami LLC utilizes personal identification information when consumers finalize their orders. All information is stored securely, and we never share any consumer data with outside parties with the exception of processing orders or providing direct services to consumers. 

Website Surveys and Promotions

We utilize consumer data when administering any promotion or survey that is a direct feature of the website. Consumers aren’t required to participate and can refuse the option at any time. 

Opt-In Newsletters, Emails, and Text Messages

Katyusha Miami LLC utilizes consumer data when sending newsletters, emails, and text messages that consumers opt-in to receive. 

Sharing Data With Third Parties

Katyusha Miami LLC may sell or share limited personal identification information to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes only. 

Sending Emails to Consumers

Katyusha Miami LLC sends order information to the email address provided by the consumer when the customer signed up for a user account. The emails include updates about their orders, as well as replies to any inquiries submitted through our website. Emails pertaining to sales, promotions, and company news are also submitted to keep the consumers informed of upcoming events and updates. Consumers have the right to opt out of receiving emails, alerts, and notifications by following the unsubscribe directions that appear at the bottom of any electronic correspondences generated from our website. If you continue to receive unwanted email messages, you are encouraged to utilize the Contact Us link on our website. 

How We Protect Customer Data 

Katyusha Miami LLC has adopted data collection standards as issued by the federal government and comply with all data standards when storing, processing, and securing consumer data. We follow appropriate measures when preventing unauthorized access to user accounts and stop any alterations of user account data including login credentials. 

Our website utilizes a secured socket layer at any time that personal identification information is entered into forms or any portion of the site. The SSL provides a secure channel and high-grade encryption for all data exchanges between our e-commerce site and our customers. Our website is compliant with PCI vulnerability standards and presents a secure online environment for all our users. 

Sharing Personal Identification Information of Users 

Katyusha Miami LLC won’t rent, sell, trade, or disclose any user data to others. Demographic statistics are provided when visitors or users who are connected to our trusted affiliates, advertisers, or business partners. However, we do not share any direct consumer data. Newsletters or surveys for which consumers have subscribed to receive are often delivered via third parties. Our company may share information with third parties for limited reasons and only with the consumer’s permission. 

Third Party Websites 

Advertising content for our sponsors, suppliers, affiliates, or partners appears on our website regularly. Our company does not control the content, where it appears, or how often it is visible to consumers. We are not responsible for any claims made by the content, and we cannot guarantee the quality of any services or products other than our own. Consumers may click on the links to the content at their own risk as the outside companies may not share our safety standards and may not be compliant with federal standards related to the personal identification information of consumers. Our content is subject to our user policies and terms only. 


Any ads that appear on our website utilize tracking cookies for marketing purposes. If enabled, the tracking cookies allow the advertiser’s server to identify your computer when an online advertisement is sent to you and capture non-personal data associated with you and anyone who visits the site from your computer. The cookies enable targeted advertisements to be delivered to you based on your search history. Our company’s privacy policy and standards don’t apply to any tracking cookies utilized by the advertisers. 

Google Adsense 

Select ads are presented via Google and utilize DART cookies to place ads in front of consumers. The cookies collect non-personal data that is related to the consumer’s visit to our website. At no time will Google or the DART cookies collect any confidential data associated with consumers including but not limited to their direct mailing address, their name, or their email address. All consumers have the choice to opt out of using the cookies based on their browser settings. 

Changes and Updates for Our Privacy Policy 

Katyusha Miami LLC may update or change this privacy policy at its discretion. As changes are conducted, a new and revised version of our privacy policy will appear on our website. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy often to stay up-to-date about any changes that could affect their experience on our website. Any changes related to how your personal identification information is protected will appear in any new policy, and consumers should make themselves aware of changes or modifications periodically.

Terms and Conditions 

By using this website, you accept the terms of services and policies as they appear in this legal notice. If at any time that you aren’t in acceptance of the terms and conditions, it is recommended that you stop using any services presented by the website. By continuing to utilize any service provided by the website, you accept the terms of service, privacy policy, and policy changes.